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Cameras for your vacation property

Are you considering a surveillance camera system ​for your vacation home?                                          

There are some considerations to make before making an investment​.  Cameras vary in style, technology and performance.  A camera system that meets your needs can give you peace of mind while you're away from your property.


Dome Camera installed in landscaping

    • ​Style- Generally cameras are available in a dome or a bullet style. You may want the cameras to be noticable but you don't want them to be an eyesore. Bullet cameras are generally better where they will be a little more hidden and/or if exposed to alot of rain/sun.  Dome cameras generally blend better aesthetically, we usually use them in covered spaces and/or living spaces. 
    • Type- Cameras come in either I/P or Analog. While the gap has closed on both fronts, generally I/P cameras offer better picture quality while analog are a little less expensive.                                                                          
    • Lenses-  Cameras are available with fixed or varifocal lenses.  A fixed lense is going to give you a broad view and outside of moving the camera, cannot be adjusted.  A varifocal lense can be zoomed in to capture a more specific space.       Want to cover the full front of your home?  A properly installed fixed lense will probably do the trick.                                                                                                             Need license plate/face recognition or something else very specific?  You'll probably need a varifocal lense.
    • Viewing/Storage- Are you looking for a system that only plays back live or one thats capable of rewinding months if necessary? If you want to rewind, do you want to store in "the cloud" or have a dvr on site? Do you have high speed internet on the property?  How often are you there/how long could it be before you realized an event took place?                                                                                        Our typical systems will record about 2 months of footage, we can do more on request.   
    • Reliability- In typical environments with cameras, people are around them and/or dealing with them near daily. If an issue arises its typically noticed quickly and can be taken care of quickly. Vacation homes are often vacant or used by people other than the owner. A problem with a camera system can go unnoticed until the cameras are needed. A proper installation with quality equipment can ensure minimum downtime making it more likely that the cameras are working if/when needed.

We know that you work hard for the things that you have.  A vacation home should be a getaway from your stresses, not add to them.  Having a camera system in place can help avoid many incidences that could arise and help resolve those that do.  Most importantly it can give you peace of mind...  It's also pretty cool to be able to look at your property whenever you want.