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Smart Locks

  Smart locks and Garage Doors are one of our most popular offerings.  Locking/Unlocking is easy for everyone.  Locking can be automated and checked from anywhere to give you one less thing to worry about.  

  Keyless Entry-  We can set your Smart locks or Garage Doors to automatically unlock/open when a family member approaches.  You can also set up to 30 "digital keys" for house guests and/or contractors.  No more fumbling with keys to open the door and no more passing out or hiding keys for guests/workman. 

  Notifications-  You can now keep track of who's coming and going and when.  Whether you're wondering when your cleaning person or contractor showed up, or when your teenager rolled in last night, the user activity is logged.  Now you can even have alerts sent to your phone when someone uses a lock or garage door.

  Total Control-  As part of a "Total Control" system, your locks will work together with the rest of your "smart" devices.  Opening your front door or garage door in the evening hours can automatically turn on lights in the entryways so you never walk into a dark house again. Running the "Goodnight" command can lock all doors, make sure garage door is closed, turn off tv/surround sound and adjust lights to bedtime levels.  The options are completely customizable to fit your lifestyle.