What Can Smart Home Do For You?

It seem's like there's a "smart" version of everything now a days.  Thermostats, lighting, door locks, door bells, garage doors...  The list seems endless.  

There is definately a potential for these products to make our lives simpler but many of us grew up in the pre-internet age and might not consider ourselves exactly "tech savy".  If we weren't born with an I-pad in our hand and we don't have a computer science degree, how can we take advantage of these technologies?  How do individual technologies benefit us and how can they work together to make our lives simpler?

I'll look at the most common technologies to see how they can benefit you and how they can fit together.


Scenes are where your home truly becomes "Smart".  Hit the "Goodnight" button on your remote, smartphone, tablet, keypad,  even say "Alexa, run Goodnight" and your TV/Surround Sound shuts down, your doors lock, your lights turn off with enough delay for you to get to your bedroom.     

Leaving home? -  Run the "Away" scene to turn off all lights and electronics and lock all doors.  If you're leaving for an extended period you can use a "Vacant" scene that would also raise/lower the temperature about 10 degrees and set the lights and/or shades to mimic your normal habits to make your home look occupied.  When you return your door will unlock, your lights will turn on/shades will adjust and your heat/cooling will adjust AUTOMATICALLY!

Activity Scenes can be used in any room.  In a Home Theater a "Watch Movie" scene will turn on TV/Projector, turn on surround sound, start Blu-Ray and dim the lights.  In the Kitchen a "Cooking" scene might set the pendant lights over the island, under cabinet lights and ceiling light fans to 75% and play a favorite Pandora station through the speakers.  A "Dining" scene might lower the level of the kitchen lighting to 30% and put the lights over the table at 75% while turning off the music.  You can use your imagination on bedroom scenes.  Everything is completely customizable, we normally use "stock" scenes and follow up around a month after installation to adjust to your taste.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are another great technology to have in your home. Think about it, your car allows you to unlock, start, and lock without having to touch your keys. So why not your home? Imagine being able to walk up to your front door and enter without having to fumble around trying to find your keys. 

Having a smart lock will also give you peace of mind about who is entering and leaving your home throughout the day all with the convenience of an app accessible on your phone or tablet. Want to make sure your kids get off the bus and are safe at home? Want to make sure the Handyman locked the door after he finished working on your home? This is all possible with having a smart lock installed. 

​Going to bed at night could not be any more convenient. Smart locks can be integrated into your home's other smart devices. You would be able to create a "Goodnight" feature on your remote, tablet or cell phone and have everything turn off together. Your lights, shades, TV, and door locks would turn off and lock with the touch of one button. 


​Lighting can be so much more than just a switch on the wall. Set the scene! Movie nights with the family made easy by turning lights down low and playing your movie without getting up from your seat.

​Improve your lifestyle- Imaging waking up to increased lighting over time instead of that body jarring, noisy alarm. You walk into the kitchen to make your coffee and the room senses you enter... your kitchen illuminates. 

At the end of a long stressful day you can transform your entertainment room to a tranquil space to unwind. With the touch of a button you can lower the shades, set the lights down low and listen to relaxing music all while savoring that well deserved glass of wine. ​

​Home Entertainment/Music

​Do you have a stack of remotes to control your TV/Surround Sound?  Does turning your TV and Sound System on involve juggling 2-3 remotes at a time?  You're not alone and the process can be much easier.  Our systems are one button touch or even one voice command.  Want to watch Cable TV-  Simply touch the "Cable TV" button or say "Alexa, turn on Cable TV" and everything else is taken care of.  The TV turns on, the Sound System turns on, the Cable Box turns and all inputs are set to where they need to be, all with one command!  You can even lower the lights or shades at the same time if you have them integrated.  Teaching babysitters or house guests to operate will take under 2 minutes.

Music throughout the house can really help set the ​mood.  Whether gearing up for the day, energizing for a workout or unwinding at the end of the day, music can help create the energy you're looking for.  Our systems easily allow you to play multiple sources like Pandora, Sirius, Spotify, your own music, ect  from most anywhere you want- inside or outside.

With our smart home systems you can start small, perhaps with just Home Entertainment control with a couple of lights and build until your home is like the Jetsons!  Just be warned, once you start it's hard to stop.  Anyone who's had a properly programmed Universal Remote can tell you there's no going back.  Automating lights, shades, locks and heating/cooling is truly gamechanging.

The future is here, if you can think it we can most likely make it happen.  Contact us today with any questions.