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Alexa, Turn on the T.V.!

  Imagine having the ability to turn on your T.V. and Surround Sound to your favorite news channel for background noise while you do household chores, just using your Voice!  No Juggling Remotes Needed!  Simply say "Alexa, Turn on NBC"  and your T.V. turns on, Surround Sound Receiver turns on, Cable Box turns on and all "inputs" are set as needed.  You barely even need to brake concentration from what you were doing.

  When you want to watch a Movie, you can say "Alexa, Turn on Movie" and again, your T.V. turns on, Surround Sound turns on, and Movie player turns on-  again everything adjusted to their proper input.  Alexa can even be setup to Dim the Lights Automatically.  

  At bedtime you can say "Alexa, Turn Off House" so your T.V./Surround Sound turn off, any connected lights can either be turned off or dimmed to a "Night Light" level and any connected locks will be locked if not already.

  A lot of the routines of turning things on or off and the worry that you may have forgotten to lock a door or turn off a light can be replaced with short sentences.  Now you'll have more time to focus on the things that are really important in your life... Alexa can cover the details.