Home Automation

​Put many of your daily tasks on "autopilot" so you have more time and energy for whats important!

Experience a "Smart Home"

  • Never walk into a dark house again.
  • Put your home to sleep with the touch of a button or a command to "Alexa"
  • Keep track of who's coming and going and when.
  • If away for extended time, turn heat down and put lights and shades on schedule to make home look occupied.
  • Stream High Resolution Audio to any room in you home.
  • Start small and build as you go.​
  • And Much More!

Home Automation Scenes Customized for Your Lifestyle!

Imagine saying "Alexa, turn off Home" or hitting a Goodnight button on your remote-with one command your doors are locked, lights are turned off or dimmed, shades are closed and your TV is turned off...    

​Similar Scenes can be set for any activity.  A "Wakeup Scene" might ramp up your lights slowly, open your shades and turn on your favorite News.  A "Dinner Scene" might set lights in the kitchen and dining room to appropriate levels and turn off or flash lights in other rooms in the home to let everyone know it's time for dinner.

Scenes can even help when you're away.  A "Vacation Scene" might adjust the thermostat to conserve energy, and put your lights and shades on a schedule to make your home appear occupied.

Home WiFi/Networks

With more and more devices being connected to the internet, a strong and secure network is very important.  The network is the backbone of a home automation system.  

Strong Wi-Fi without deadspots is almost essential to many homes these days.  Streaming video, face-time, video games, ect demand a very strong signal for best performance.

Our networks will ensure that you'll get the maximum performance from your Internet Service , no matter where you are in your home.

Smart Locks, Smart Doorbells, Cameras

Whether you have some security concerns or just have people coming and going that you'd like to keep tabs on, we have systems that can help.

With our Smart Locks, you can give up to 30 unique codes to keep provide access.  You can also track activity by code.  Want to see what time Jr strolled in while you were away?  No problem.  Want to see what to you contractor came and left? ​ Easy!  You can even unlock the door remotely if you didn't give a code.

Smart doorbells alert you with push notifications, similar to text message, when someone is at your door.  You can talk to the person whether you're home or not if and audio/video is stored, even ​if you miss the notification.

Cameras allow you to keep an eye on your property no matter where you are.  We try to make cameras visible but not obtrusive to encourage people to be on their best behavior.  If they're not the cameras should give you the evidence you need to protect yourself from further harm.​


Camera installed in landscaping